Prevailing Snail

If I was Hemingway, time would be my shotgun.

Kurt Cobain on the run.

No need to hang around like Chris Cornell.

Suicidal notes lost in the mail.

Set sail, away from your own private hell.

Locked inside mental jail.

No one’s coming to post bail.

Shuck yourself from your own shell.

No more rotten smell.

A writer with a engaging story to tell.

One day available in hardback, paperback and braille.

All hail the six-million-dollar snail.

Blazing a different trail,

Eater of organic spinach and kale.

Secret headquarters under the water pail.

His sidekick is a pacifist killer whale.

Theme song a grunge rock remix of “The Farmer in the Dell”.

Protector of the holy grail.

Watch him prevail over the evil quail.

The vicious leader of the notorious Bird Cartel.

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