Go Rays/Procrastinating

Three hours till the Tampa Bay Rays game. They play the Toronto Blue Jays. The Rays are second in the American League East. The Jays sit two games back of them, in third. It’s early in the season but this is still a big series. Its one of those series you look back at in October and wonder. What if? What if, we don’t? What if we #RaysUp now!!! Sorry, I’m just wasting time. I could be working on my horrible want-to-be screenplay or making the first chapter in my phantom book better. Where did I put that? I would keep writing this new short story I’ve been working on, but then it might turn into rubbish like the other stories. Another diner scene, that’s what the world needs. My book dialogue turns into a screenplay. My screenplay narrative turns into a book.

My online class kicked me out for not getting in line.

I’ll just write another silly rhyme then I’ll feel fine.

Glass of wine.

Listen to Music and then hopefully the Rays will shine.

Now only 2 hours fifty-nine.

Go Rays!!!

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