Bad Honey

Driving down the street with my honey.

Speakers pushing out “Amorfoda” by Bad Bunny.

Rain on the windshield but we live in Florida, so it’s still mostly sunny.

Just left the dog track with a little less money.

Snow Crab legs and hours of watching dogs that look funny.

Sunset greets us at the bridges end.

Into oblivion we continue to blend.

At the waters edge, down on one knee with a ring I bend.

She told me no thanks; she can no longer pretend.

She has a new man and I cannot contend,

But she’ll always see me as a Facebook friend.

I heard the waves as I watched her drive off.

Told myself I’d never again allow myself to be weak and soft.

Walked back home to my empty loft.

Put in Angelina playing her best Laura Croft.

Fired up a joint and cough, cough, cough.

Please always give love another chance.


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