I love looking at big trees. Old and filled with a lifetime of wisdom from experience and observation. If they could talk, what would they say? They live their life watching and listening and feeling how the world works. Weathering storms and making it through different seasons in their life. I especially enjoy how they produce oxygen. Very helpful. Trees never need to move; all they have to do is grow. I even like trees in the winter. They can look so lifeless for a time. Desolate and alone in the cold elements. However, on the inside they anticipate coming out and giving the world something to admire. Inspiring paintings and poems for all those that take the time to notice. They protect, hide and give all kinds of animals and birds a place to call home. Nature’s umbrella from the rain, and shade on a hot sunny day.

Written in Jan 1996, South Korea. Revised this morning.

I looked at the dormant trees on the snowy mountain side outside my barracks window.

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