Summer 1995, Word Association Game

The words you are about to read may be confusing. Read them slow and remember to breathe. Written long ago with my good friend Kristin. Using two list of words (hers and mine) from a word association game we played. Dedicated to people like us, who sometimes, just want to have a laugh. May you use your time how ever you want.

 Peace and Love

Finding Nirvana

The boney chicken butt reminded the slut to suck when happy hours’ time was up. A group of dancing Nancie’s threw toilet paper at the dog who was guarding the house under the blue sky where the hot red sun shone down on the lizards that were screaming to the frog’s Bud-weis- er!  As I drink my beer and I wear my beads, I dream of her long-lasting touch and feeling her long, curly, soft hair. My grimy dirty Nirvana shirt promotes sadness but gives me hope that I’ll never cover feet with bad shoes, especially if they’re suede. I have this bottomless terrible feeling that my hope has been lost in the tunnel of tripping. Your love gives me such happiness and your laughter, makes me drunk with joy. I don’t want food. Just a massage and then your kiss. No fruit cake just oil on our bodies. Let’s get a fat bud and smoke it on the bus ride but no crying please, cause your exotic eyes have my hands trembling. Lookout, you just hit a bicycle! No, it was a stranded seadog with a turnip. Guess that’s the last cool breeze he’ll ever feel.

The End

Use a word from your list and someone else’s list, no more than three words between the list words and that’s your formula.

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