This was a dream thing.

She pulls up to the house where there is an enormous party going on. She starts bringing out food and putting it on a white picnic table. She keeps bringing bag after bag of food. When she’s done about ten minutes later, she goes to her car and gets this package wrapped in black paper. Then with the softest kiss I’ve ever felt, she hands it to me. When I open it, I find it to be the most beautiful blanket that I’ve ever seen. I lay it on the soft green grass. Then I turn and look at the house. Everyone is gone. Then I look at the picnic table with all the food. There is no more, everything is gone. When I look back at her, she’s no longer standing there. To my sadness she’s gone also. So, I lay down on that cozy soft blanket. Look up at the sky and realize, I’ll probably be alone forever. I didn’t see that girl for a long time. When I did, she was as lovely as the day she gave me that blanket. I still have that blanket and I always will. Just like I’ll always have the memory of her soft breathtaking kiss.

 The End.

Written Dec. 1995 in S. Korea

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