Glory Be…

When I was a younger man, I used to feel like I was invincible. I’m still here, so I guess I was right. Smile. Obviously, no one is invincible. This is just a small joke to help me feel a little bit better about getting older. Make it not so heavy. When we were kids, if we’d make a joke like that, we’d act like a trap door was going to open up and take us straight to hell for being prideful. I think the Lord knows humor and he certainly knows our hearts. Anyway, I just wanted to give thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Everything I’ve had, every experience and every possession. Every enemy and of course my one great love. It’s because of His grace and mercy that we are saved. I give all the glory and thanks to my Creator.

Many people worship many different deities. Do your thing! However, I only felt like one has ever been revealed to me. I’ve never been to Missouri, the “show-me” state, but I like their motto. I guess Thomas would have too. The Lord has better soldiers than me for the hard things. I don’t want to convince anyone and I’m done fighting with myself about it. This is just a simple declaration for me and my growing relationship with my heavenly Father. I just want to be who I am for Jesus. Toxicity, weaknesses, baggage, insecurities, and all. Even bad rhymes and breathing into the mic while trying to live out some childhood fantasy. How can we get over fears if we don’t face them? I never wanted to be a cookie cutter preacher. I don’t even like to call myself a Christian because I don’t meet that definition. More like a fool. However, I’m done with guilt for believing what I believe and I don’t care about damnation. I only care about His forgiveness and His love. If I’m wrong, He will make it right. My God is everywhere and accepting of all. To God be the glory.

I heard a voice say, “go out and do this thing for me. I need to show this one person how much I love them.” I went and I did this thing that was asked of me. I hated it. It made me sad, mad and vulnerable. I felt so unloved and unheard, but in the end, or more like the middle, I was reminded of what was important and that’s God’s love. I guess he showed me.

I felt like I was in a building with eight thousand people. I was sitting in the back by the restrooms. Every one of those eight thousand people walked by me. Seven smiled and said hello. One stopped and talked to me and we even shared a couple of laughs. The point? While trying to find out if a toxic, non-normal nomad like myself could be accepted by those who claim love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy. What I found out is, it doesn’t matter. I am loved and accepted by my God. That’s what matters!

I’ve had this quote in my notes since 2/20/19. I don’t know who said it, so I can’t give credit. I just know it wasn’t me.

“As long as a man seeks validating answers from others (a woman, his kids, or other men), a man is vulnerable to the enemy (Satan) using anyone, but if his source for validation and affirmation is God, then the answers he receives are final, transformational, and settling for the man’s heart.”

Lord, please forgive me for caring about what others thank more than what you do. Thank you for helping me find my true voice again.

To God be the glory

In Jesus name, Amen

Burgess, Christopher B.

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