Right by His Side (Nana and Papa)

Her sad eyes stare at what use to be.

Seeing them brings me back to summer.

Lemonade on the porch and lightning bugs flickering above the field.

The same field where papa taught me how to drive the big yellow tractor.

Tomatoes on the sunny window seal.

Baloney sandwiches on the riverbank for lunch when we’d water ski.

Cruising down Kentucky roads in the Monte Carlo on our way to Cincinnati for a Reds game.

Marty Robbins playing on the 8-track.

Some days it was Dixie Dairy foot longs and homemade ice cream.

So many good times and some hard ones too.

Like my poison ivy summer.

We laughed, we cried, we grew apart and we grew together.

Now it’s all just memories slowly fading away.

She’s still with him.

Right where I’ve always seen her.

Right where she has always wanted to be.

Right by his side.

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  1. The passage of time. Love filled memories. They can bring tears and they can bring joy! Love is what matters when all is said and done! God bless!

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