Bingeing Hate

I shared my heart and it got too real

It gave me that horrible vulnerable feel

You’d like nothing more then to see me weep

I no longer need your friendship, the price is too steep

I’m sick of being one of your malnourished sheep

Your repetition puts me to sleep

Wake me if you ever change

Maybe priorities you should rearrange

A perfect example of how “people are strange”

On us I’ll finally close the door

Light on the outside, dark at the core

Not the first fake person I’ve encountered before

I wish you the best and I hope you can heal

If you see a baby with candy, try not to steal

Good luck hunting for your next emotional kill

Perhaps one day you’ll have your revenge

Your hypocrisy makes me laugh and cringe

I’m done mainlining negativity with your contagious syringe

I’ll leave you with your hate so you can continue your binge

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