When I was much younger my dad told me, people don’t see us how we see ourselves. At the time I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. With time I have found that it can be both. In the moment I was feeling good about myself. I took his comment as he didn’t agree with my assessment. He was trying to teach me something, I have yet to figure out what it was. Why should I care how others see me? What they think of me? Should I seek their validation? Should I be what they want me to be? How do I see myself? Am I right? How will I ever know how people perceive me? It was a lot.

What I have found is that we are the ones that have to live with ourselves our choices our actions. Peoples opinions come and go but we can’t run from ourselves. Make good choices so the mirror reflects joy not regret. Don’t let bad decisions keep you up at night. Love ourselves but try to see other peoples needs just as valid as our own.


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