Digesting Enlightenment

Nomad Reads
Saw you out my Fairview,
So happy that you came through.
I’ve been anticipating your arrival.
Food on the grill for our survival.
Gospel singer’s sing about revival.
On my knees for forgiveness, I grovel. 
Dig my own grave with a bad choice shovel.
In the constellations I huddle.
Seen through the Hubble, redirected like space rubble.
Embrace the trouble, never shave my chin stubble.
Lay in bed and have an extra cuddle.
Fat guy like American Dad’s Tuttle.
Knee deep in a sewage tunnel, 
Like Teenage Mutant’s I eat pizza with a funnel.
After a wake and bake, strawberry-banana milkshake with William Blake.
Inner consciousness we cannot forsake innocence like pattycake.
The doors open to the infinite choices we make.
Strangle hold like Jake the Snake.
Pull me down toward the fiery lake.
No thanks, it’s the up escalator I’ll take.
Chains will break.
Disregard all the fake.
Digest enlightenment with a side of steak.
Pass the Indica for all the things that ache.

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