There once was a Poetic Porcupine who thought he had something to say.

But all he did was poke and cause problems and get in the way.

One night he decided his time he would no longer share.

He’d finally face the facts; sometimes life just isn’t fair.

He walked into the forest searching for anyone out there to care.

He’d go watch the big race between the tortoise and the hare.

In the morning, he saw a flamingo and a rhino in a chair.

He thought to himself, wow aren’t they a pair?

He walked on and he came to a stream.

He was hot and the water was clean.

A fish greeted him on the surface. “Hello, my name is Gene.

There’s an alligator that lives around here. Be careful, he’s pretty mean.

Don’t let him mistake you for a jelly bean.”

“Thanks Gene, I appreciate the heads up.

I’ll just try to collect some water in this little cup.”

But the fish swam away fleeing the arrival of a hippopotamus.

The hippo said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.

I’m just looking for my father, have you seen him at all?

Or maybe you heard the great sound of his honking call?

He was supposed to meet me by the highest waterfall.”

The porcupine remembered the tall waterfall. He passed it just a short way back.

He remembered seeing a gigantic fresh track.

He was looking for someone to care, maybe it was him who would be the one to kindly act?

“Follow me.” He said “I know a short cut through this crack.”

“Oh, thank you kind friend for showing me the way.

Maybe when we find my father, we can all make time to play.

There’s a farm with a barn and we often jump on the soft hay or splash around in the soaking wet clay.

Well, what do you say? Do you think you could stay?

“The porcupine replied I most certainly may.

I know I’m nocturnal but I’m really enjoying the feel of this day.

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