Art Thief

On my way to a voice over audition finale.

Witnessed a robbery of an art gallery.

Semi-truck pulled out of the alley.

Followed by a Trans Am like Burt and Sally.

Masked assailant fled the scene with ten years salary.

Don’t get off on flattery.

Interrogated with clamps on nipple jewelry

Hooked up to a car battery.

Someone please call Dragnet’s Joe Friday.

Tell him the crime was done on Saturday in Monterey,

By a member of the traveling Ice Capades.

The security guard was decapitated, I mean horribly slayed.

With a figure skating blade.

Vultures feeding on his corpse under the shade.

Suspect last seen with Florida license plate, “GET PAID”.

From the county of Dade.

Kick down his door with a police raid.

Nothing in the house but bills that haven’t been paid.

Art thief already in a tailored suit that reads South American made.

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