Because of the Implications

Tell me when I’m doing right,

Tell me when I’m wrong.

Prop me up when I’m weak

I’ll prop you up when I’m strong.

Together we’ll put words beside each other all day long.

Turn our poems into songs

Take it seriously, no bongs.

Ok, maybe just a couple hits,

But only if you’re okay with it.

Should we go outside or is in here okay?

Let’s make some bad decisions like mixing a knife with OJ.

Now my poem’s a play

And its opening day.

Get your tickets before they’re all quickly sold away

There’s an after party, I sincerely hope you’ll stay.

We can talk till morning in the French doorway.

We’ll finally be honest about the things we’d like to say.

Then part ways and say goodbye.

Neither of us would need to feel sad or question why.

Therefore, there’s no need to breakdown or cry.

You’re so outgoing and I’m a little shy.

To think that we were ever compatible must have been a lie.

But the lessons I have learned, I will try to apply.

Next time just tell me what you want

At least do better than imply.

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