Down Range

Last night before I slept we were only two more degrees before the freeze,
Living in Florida that does not please.
In Kentucky is where I last wore my skis.
And the coldest I've ever shook my knees
Was in South Korea at negative nine degrees.
Felt like negative twenty,
Should of slept in tents of three.
Counting down the days till I was almost free.
365 days in country, found love for bulgogi with rice and kimchi.
I thought soju and pineapple would be the death of me.
Hop on the last bus, "next stop ahjussi!"
Drop me off at Bravo company.
I have the Manchu Mile in the morning and I can get a dragon belt buckle for free.

New duty station orders say I'm returning state side to Fort Hood.

Welcome to 2/5 Calvary Killeen Texas use to be a dry city, alcohol free.
The nearby strip clubs were BYOB.
That's just what I heard, don't take it from me.
I was in San Antonio at the Alamo taking an illegal pee.
Jumped the fence and circumvented security.
Got a close up look at history.
Punctured the sole of my knock off Vans as I tried to flee.
Woke up outside a Tejano bar and joined the festivities.
Met a pretty seniorita named Marie.
We drank and danced until she wanted my hand in matrimony.
I said on that, "let's agree to disagree."
Ended our relationship swinging blindfolded and dizzy at a piñata in a tree.
While the band sang in Spanish, Janice Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee".
Much like my time with her, this story went way beyond what I intended it to be.

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