Bucket List

Maintaining stability
is an ability
it gives credibility
to capabilities
don't lose humility
give to charity
this rhyme has no hilarity
it just gives clarity
to the absurdity
that is my word game
could be ashamed
but you should know I won't be tamed
proud inductee into Eminem's hall of shame
played golf at a shitty golf course with the same name
accept my blame
for rhyming lame
shave off a lion's mane
got nothing to gain
besides the pain
navigating across the desert plain
that is my brain
grab a master lock and chain
secure my private airplane
to a struggling little engine train
stuck like a one-winged sandhill crane
me Tarzan, turn my attention to Jane
spending our time swinging from vine to vine
get out the good wine
torch the lantern and let's begin to dine
say goodnight to the sunshine
sleep till it's time to open the blinds
for breakfast, its ono kine grinds
fresh fruit and pancakes, no pork rinds
now let's go watch the receding tide
from time's restrictions we will hide
up in the air we will glide
enjoying a complimentary hot air balloon ride
while we drink from umbrella decorated mudslides
bucket list is our guide
next up, the world's tallest water slide
for this last rhyme, I hope you won't chide
with a diatribe
ask my wife to once again be my bride
I'm just kidding, save our money for a snorkel dive
off the Great Barrier Reef, while there is still sea life to see alive
better yet let's protect a wild honey bee hive
so our plants and flowers can thrive
maybe Mother Nature will accept the bribe
before we all become just another dying tribe

ono kine grinds: delicious food

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