No Woe

I like saltwater crashing on the rocks.
The feel of sand and grass on my feet without shoes and socks.
I love remembering the kids playing and building things with their building blocks.
Memories worth more than the gold sitting in Fort Knox.
Like how Dad smelled when he got home from working at the docks.
The deep sound of my grandmother's grandfather clock.
Or that time I made some embarrassing videos on TikTok.

They can't all be great recollections.
There's always some danger when going through my memory collection.
Bad like a cadaver's dissection.
Rolling blind-folded through an intersection.
Choose between two parents. Hurry up, the judge is waiting, make your selection.
It's only going to change your life projection.
Turn you around and send you in the wrong direction.
Now it's up to you to make the correction.

You have to move on and let it go.
Release your grip and go with the flow.
Through adversity we can grow.
Help others through their pain with the things we know.
Or maybe it's just love that we need to show.
To lift others up when they're feeling low.

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