My Gemini mind is complex, it gives me a complex.

Leaves myself and others perplexed.

Is it a gift or some witches hex?

Allowing my emotional muscles to flex.

When I don’t want to talk, don’t even bother to text.

If Mercury is in the right position, I’ll check the weather stress index

and we’ll go enjoy some delicious Tex-Mex.

Drink gold margaritas as I change my mind about what we should do next.

Maybe Uber to LAX?

Close our eyes and pick a flight.

So my lack of decision doesn’t cause a fight.

What was the goal? I lost sight.

Never mind let’s just go home for the night.

Contemplate the fate of the universe by candlelight.

I’ll watch over and protect you with all my Gemini might

and when the darkness returns you can once again help me make it bright.

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