A Peaceful Land

If I could fly opposite the rotation of the earth like Superman 
and reverse Father Time's clock hand
or stop the hour glass' falling sand
I'd make time follow my plan
Transport us back to a peaceful land
Free, clean water for every clan
Vegetables harvested with our own hand

All children would have nutritious food on their plate
Humankind free from judgement and hate
Everyone starts with a clean slate
Contagious smiles help us elevate
There is no time, no pressing date
Don't have to stress about, running late
The whole population eventually finds their soulmate

We'd put all other's needs before our own
Wealth would never again be able to buy a throne
Healing hugs for anyone who feels hurt or unknown
Fruitful trees for every seed that is sewn
An existence filled with so much love no one's ever forgotten or alone

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