Look Up

Look up, look up, we're all going to die.
A comet is plummeting through the sky.
The impact is evident, say your goodbye.
No time to sit and wonder why.
Belly aching while we cry.
Let's build a spaceship and learn to fly.
Dress up in a suit and tie for a photo shoot with that Jimmy Nelson guy.
Eat takeout food like spicy Thai
as we speed through space and turn our lives into spectacular sci-fi.
What do you say, do you want to try?
No need to rush, we have till July.
Or was it May? Hell, I can't remember, what did they say?
Let me rewind the show and press play, "The comet will destroy the earth in three days.'
Rip it to pieces like shooting pigeons made from clay.
We don't have much time to think of another way.
So if you don't mind, I think I'll meditate and pray.
Take my family back to Kaneohe, where the coconut trees sway. 
Go out with a bang on a moonlight drive by the bay
as we listen to our last love song play.
This poem was inspired by "Don't Look Up", a funny film by Adam McKay.

Kaneohe is pronounced as kaa-nay-ow-hay

Nomad reads Look Up

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