Mike Love

Nomad thinks he’s a VJ
When I dance I look like Ron Burgundy playing jazz flute.
Please never jump out of an airplane without a self-packed parachute.
I'm sorry, I wanted to make my rhymes cute.
Unnecessary like another Jay and Silent Bob reboot. Reboot.
Hear an owl hoot.
Now go get some vegan wings,
Cause I'm the next big thing. 
Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling, can't get right, but I love to sing.
I'm a cat but I won't chase your string.
Waiting to find out what the new year will bring.
Stay away from evil's venomous sting.
Injecting negative energy, hindering who we're supposed to be.
Eyes closed, makes it hard to see.
Blind folded and spun, the elephant and the donkey's on the run,
The needle has become a gun. 
Relax. It's just words, it's all fun.
Banana daiquiri in the sun, with extra rum. Yum!
Get sunburnt like a beach bum.
Banging a drum.
It doesn't matter where you're from.
A changed perspective could be the outcome.
Now listen to the guitar strum
and the rhythmic hum sent from above.
Enjoy the passion of this talented artist, Mike Love.

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