Rap my Rap

Nomad “raps”
If I said my words in a rap,
Would you listen to me talk and ramble?
Each word out of my mouth is a gamble.
Go to the casino and play roulette.
I'm that color and number that you need to get.

So, would you listen to me rap my rap?
Join me while I have another beer from the beer tap?
Listen to me talk, let all the eardrums receive a slap slap.
Did you know I once got caught in a bear trap
and woke up in a sleeping cap being held on with a chin strap?

So, please enjoy me rap my rap.
This joints probably going to put me on a map.
If it makes you feel like flying, give your arms a little flap flap.
Turn around and give your friend a big fist dap.
These rhymes are so hot, you'll never need a snow cap. 

So, would you listen to me rap my rap?
Maybe nod your head approvingly and give me a small golf clap.
Did you know gum was once made from tree sap?
This world is harsh, don't forget to scrap.
That's my words, put a bow on them because that's a wrap.

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