An old friend came to call, concerned about my last fall

told me don’t be too hard on yourself, it just means that you’re like the rest of us all

Remember the best things about you.

Stop dwelling on mistakes and bad decisions.

We rarely hit the bullseye, we shoot with human precision.

I know you’re a good soul, please keep digging yourself out of that hole.

Your heart’s in the right place and this world can treat us wrong

but you have to find a way to stand up and be strong.

I’m here if you need me, I have also been there.

I know it can sometimes be hard to share,

but we all know life’s not fair

and most people don’t have time to care

about all the worthless pain that tries to infest our susceptible brain

doing a hundred miles an hour like an uncontrollable train

as we watch ourselves spiral down a filthy drain.

We want to run fast and far.

but we can’t hide from the truth, we are what we are

imperfect humans with battle scars

as simple as looking up and finding stars

or catching lightning bugs in mason jars

if we want to stay in the fight, the choice is ours.

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