The phone rings and I awake from my slumber.
How did someone get my new number?
I breathe deep.
I'm cooler than the proverbial cucumber.
Machine answers.
Hello, this is Nomad, thanks for calling.
Please leave a message,
I'm out on the town.
I'm in my new car. I'm hauling ass.
Foot cemented to the gas,
Accelerating super fast.
Finally headed beyond my past.
There's hope at last.
Nope, totaled my ride in a one car crash.
Face busted and bleeding on the broken dash,
Beer bottles shattered, liquid seeping into my cannabis stash.
Unconsciousness overtakes me as I think of the wasted cash.
Guess I shouldn't of went to that last bonfire bash.
Now I'm slowly smoldering like Florida hash.
All alone near a strawberry field, I return to ash. 

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