Just a Thought

If we didn’t want, we’d be free.

For it is surely want that makes the heart bleed for more then it needs.

It is the desire within that makes the head spin in every direction.

It is the want for more that makes us sin against everyone and everything we adore.

Want is usually the difference between fat and thin,

It’s why love ones continue to hurt us again and again.

Like most people I want to be happy and I want to be free,

But my wants can’t always be all about me.

For it it you that I want, but it is also you that I need.

Like rain water nourishing a tiny seed

Until its roots are finally freed

And on the sunshine it must feed

It’s out of necessity not out of greed.

So it is with everyone that I’d like to plead,

Let’s want to help others feel their need.

Matter of fact let’s make that our inner creed.

Say it with me, “I want to help others with whatever they need.”

Thanks, Nomad

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