Me and the Bear

Me and the bear
It's not you, it's me.
You don't deserve my antics of insanity
How's a loser like me gonna struggle with vanity?
My mind misleads me like Hannity

I hate to give you this news
after I've taken two blues
Less coherent than deciphering a cow moo.
Look at me lowing here and there,
enjoying each day with optimal care.

Comb never goes through the hair
Beard grows till I look like I hunt bear
exhibit it at the World's Fair.
Pull up a chair, sit next to Ric Flair
Take a picture and upload it to the internet and let the whole planet share
in all of the wonder of this ferocious pair.

Me and the bear
just me and the bear
everybody's looking at me and the bear

If you think this song is foolish, I really don't care
no, I really don't care
cause this songs not about you
It's about me and the bear

That's right, me and the bear
Me and the bear
Everybody likes me and the bear

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