I smash pumpkins but I still feel melancholy.

No doubt, I’m a loser and I’ve listened to Beck.

Is it still 1990? Hold on let me check.

Maybe I need to remove my cassette from the tape deck.

Update my Columbia House order and get me some new grooves.

Something that respects my 1960 moves or maybe some 1950s blues.

Maybe Elvis and his suede shoes?

There’s so much music its hard to choose.

Its even harder to get it wrong

Because of all the different genres I have many different, favorite songs.

Rock, rap, country, indie, reggae or folk

It all goes perfectly when enjoying a toke.

It helps pass the day on the ones that your broke.

Remember that horrible song with the frog croak?

Or all of the songs with Adam Sandler and his silly jokes?

There’s something for everyone from all backgrounds and tastes.

We spend time in many ways but time listening to music will never be a waste.

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